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What a year...

My last update to this site was almost twelve months ago, and needless to has been quite a year! Despite countless headlines at the national and global level, the 150 or so acres around Galleria Mall Drive managed to remain in the news.

Evictions and Closings

Covid-19 accelerated the Galleria's final exodus of tenants. Regal Cinemas reopened briefly over the summer before shuttering for good, while Dick's Sporting Goods and Round 1 held on until January. Work Out World relocated to the former Taunton Mall on Washington Street, which, in a twist of fate, will outlive its "replacement."

Waldorf-Astoria Auction

As tenants and shoppers gradually left, something very peculiar began to take their place: a treasure trove of fine furniture, artwork, and fixtures. News eventually broke that the Galleria would host an auction of furnishings from the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York. It was truly an unpredictable year.

Since the auction included the Galleria's contents alongside Park Avenue chandeliers and oil paintings, the entire building was open for potential bidders to explore and inspect. It was a chance not only to say goodbye, but also to own a piece of the mall. (Did you buy something? Send me a note! It would be neat to see where different parts of the Galleria ended up.)


On Friday, some thirty years after bulldozers first arrived on the site as part of the Galleria's groundbreaking, they returned to knock it to the ground. We've all seen the signs pointing in this direction, but somehow I'm still overwhelmed with a sense of "I never thought I'd see the day..."

Thank you to everyone who has reached out over the past year to share memories, photos, and kind words. I am very happy to be part of this community, and I'm looking forward to getting back in the habit of posting. I have several improvements planned for the site, as well as tons of photos I took during the auction. Until then...

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2 Yorum

Eric Lima
Eric Lima
26 Oca 2022

Hey James!

Thank you for this awesome archive site! I will never forget the Galleria! This coming March of this year would have been the 30th anniversary of the Galleria! I will never forget walking into the Galleria for the first time back in the day and was amazed at all the cool stores plus the CyberStation arcade! I will never forget Christmas shopping with my church youth group there, playing the arcade classic DarkStalkers at Hoyt's Cinema before seeing "The Santa Clause" with my father, seeing Patriot legend Adam Vinatieri & Red Sox legend Brian Daubach there. I thought Round 1 rocks! I saw 2 movies at Regal Cinemas: Pixels and the final movie I saw before it clos…


Dear James,

Thank you so much for keeping us up-to-date. I'm incredibly saddened that it has come to this. If you told me in 1995 that both the North Dartmouth Mall and even the Westgate Mall (!) would survive longer than the Silver City Galleria, I would tell you that a concept like that was patently ludicrous.

I deeply lament the closing and demolition of the mall, but I hadn't been there very much in the last 15 year since I moved out of town, so I also feel like part of the problem, albeit small.

The mall should have worked, it did work in fact. Perfect location, great stores, but I think it's not just online shopping that's to…

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