Hoyts Cinema 10

Opened 1993
Rebranded as Regal Cinemas in 2003
Renovated 2015


Original Design

Hoyts was originally scheduled to open in the summer of 1992, but appears to have been delayed by over a year. This might have been due to some design changes.

In early plans, the cinema appears on the lower level, and the exterior mall entrance was flush with the rest of the exterior wall.


Final Design

In the end, the cinema was built on the second floor, jutting out over an open parking lot that served as valet parking in early years.

Since the cinema required entry and exit in the evening, after the mall closed, the vestibule was bumped out at a 45-degree angle to accommodate stairs to the upper level.

Anybody know why this change was made, and if this is what caused the delay?



A 2015 renovation added assigned recliner seats in each auditorium, a new bar, and new wall and floor finishes throughout. 

The lobby was extended through what had been Claire's Etc., Yankee Candle, and the Coffee Connection to open directly onto Center Court.

The original entrance on the side hallway was removed and replaced with glass.