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An Unbuilt Anchor?

Mystery Anchor: Features

You may have noticed an odd feature in the upper-level wing that leads to Filene's. A window. This window.

Why is this odd? Well, this hallway doesn't lead anywhere, and it could have been filled with dollar-generating stores. So, why was it left open, leading to this huge window?

Mystery Anchor: Image

A hint lies on the exterior. As you can see, these two hallways leading to the exterior wall are stacked on top of each other.

This means the developers probably intended to add an additional two-level structure off of this hallway, but what was it?

I've heard a two rumors about this. One is that Jordan Marsh was originally to become a sixth anchor to the Galleria, but these plans were ditched once Macy's acquired Jordan Marsh in 1996. 

The second is that a two-level parking deck would have been built off of this wing to accommodate additional cars.

Anybody know for sure?

2018 JJBERS 33.jpe
Mystery Anchor: About
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